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Collaborate Effectively,
and Beautifully.

BrightFutureBusiness is a C L & B INC company providing an effective and joyful way to launch your business model and manage your portfolio, offering business startup kits, including web design, marketing and promoting, OfficeAssisTech, financial services, and much more.

the Complex 

Complex Solutions & Simple Strategies!

Workflow That
Just Works

Let Our Workflow Tools Work For You!


Business startups are easier with us! Try our All-In-One Toolkits!

Features & Benefits

Great Is More Than the
Sum of Its Parts


By Creatives, for Creatives

Positive Creations Made Just For You!

Plans & Pricing

With the Right Software,
Great Things Can Happen

Want to start or enhance your own business? BrightFuture and C L & B INC are in business to simplify your business startup and help grow your portfolio!

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Pete Adams
Creative Director at ArtBlip

Updates Coming Soon!

Suzan Li
Marketing Manager at Truvision

Updates Coming Soon!

Elle Jansen
Design Team Lead at Fixteria


What Our Clients Are Saying

Industry Standard

Trusted by Experts

A Better Way to Work

Working Smarter Not Harder! 

Quick Business Launch - Customer Satisfaction!

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